KOTA The Friend is a hip hop artist and musician from Brooklyn, NY.

At an early age he found his love for music and hip hop.

At 9 years old KOTA was introduced to the trumpet and was noticed by music teachers and family members as a gifted musician.

He would later go on to attend schools for performing arts students.

In high school KOTA taught himself to play guitar, keyboard and bass guitar which led to him venturing into the world of producing beats.

KOTA is also a professional cinematographer, shooting for Asher RothBLU and many underground artists.

Since KOTA’s return to music he has been releasing music non stop and has been featured by XXL magazine, FADERBILLBOARDPigeons & PlanesHipHopDXNYLONThe Source, MILK, and many other blogs.

But more than anything he continues to make music for the people that need it.